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Online Casinos For Gambling – Reviews, Promos & Tips

As more and more online casinos emerge in the world of online gambling and rules and regulations become more and more complex, there is more of a need for clear, simple and true guidance on the aspects of playing online in certain parts of the world.

Here we explain:

The legal side

Gambling has been legal in Canada since 1999 when the government in Ottawa made allowed provinces make their own decisions regarding online and offline gambling.

Different activities are permitted in different provinces, and there are over a 100 casinos with more than 1700 betting tables. Internet gambling is not considered legal yet in Alberta, Ontario and Saskatchewan. Other provinces consider it legal. Every province allows its own set of games. There is nothing in the Criminal Code to say that online gambling in Canada is illegal, therefore de-facto it is legal.

Despite the fact that it is legal to online-gamble in Canada, there a few regulations to bear in mind. Regulations vary from province to province, so this is something you will need to do additional research on for yourself, but in essence Canadians are allowed to play in online casinos that are based outside of Canada, like The Isle of Man or Cyiprus where gaming is not only allowed but is welcome. Outside-of-Canada operators, by law, are prohibited to engage in any activity to do with online gambling within Canada.

The Kahnawake Gaming Comission has been established to look after all aspects of gaming, and it looks after licenses and regulations of over 50 online gambling operators, and is the place to go to for further legal advice on the matter in case you want it.

Bonuses for Canadians

Make sure you read T+C to the end! It is imperative you read everything there is to read before you send your money away. Casinos to look out for are as follows:

Jackpot City has been in business for nearly twenty years, boasts a proud 23 languages and a tropical paradise island origin. JackpotCity also has friendly and caring customer support and not bad security as well as a variety of cards it accepts, Jackpot City seems like a reasonable choice for bonuses if free money is what you’re looking for.

Also look out for SpinPalace with its sky-high win rate, luxurious website designs, jackpot total of over 10 Million CAD and a variety of match bonuses. There is also a wealth of Free Spins and 100% Match bonuses for anyone willing to take the risk – but make sure you don’t fall for those casinos that have been blacklisted for dodgy deeds.

When you are choosing a Canadian Online Casino make sure you consider the following options:

We also consider the following parameters when we choose our casinos to make sure ours are the absolute best on the list:


  1. Is it legal to play in an online casino in Canada?
    The experts say that there is nothing whatsoever against the law in playing with offshore gambling operators mentioned in Canada’s Criminal Code. There are more and more provinces going easier on online gaming, but for now offshore operators legally cannot do business with Canadians. That means that if an operator outside of Canada takes matters into his own hands and engages in the act of online gambling, he may be prosecuted under the Criminal Code.
  2. How can I make a deposit?
    You can use anything like e-wallets, credit cards, bank transfers, PaySafe, EntroPay and so on and so forth…
  3. Do I have to play for real money?
    There is always a casino that offers a sensible play-for-free option of any game, so if you look, you will for sure find the game that you love that you can play for fun for as long as you like.