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Bonus Feature Slots Review

There are a whole lot of online slots games offered for players to choose from. There are so many, that most online players discover that it can be difficult to find the games they are looking for. Bonus Feature Slots eases this process. Bonus Feature Slots is a website that provides slot players in-depth information about slots. This site covers everything from bonus feature slots to which slots can be found at which venues. Bonus Feature Slots covers all the areas of slotting.

Reasons to visit the portal

Bonus Feature Slots states that it is the biggest service online that is committed to offering players with information about slots. One glance at the sites homepage will illuminate clearly that this is a true fact. Basically, everything a slots player could conceivably want to know about slot games can be located at Bonus Feature Slots. Players can check out game reviews on the different types of online slot games that can be found, as well as the bonuses that go with them. Bonus Feature Slots also gives slot players insightful reviews of online casinos. Bonus Feature Slots covers all the bases in regards to slotting information.

Indeed, one facet of playing slots is that many players are surprised to discover the number of various bonus options that are offered with online slot games. One example is bonus feature slots. Bonus feature slots play in a similar manner as regular slot games with the exception that bonus feature slots have added (bonus) rounds to play. The bonus feature essentially is just another or added way for players to win. It goes without saying that there are a number of different types of bonus feature slots. All the varieties give players that extra chance of winning.

Bonus Feature Slots describes the different bonus feature slot games that players can find at online casinos:

1) Those slots that feature a second play window separate from the reels are known as Second Screen bonuses. The idea is to spin a specific reel combination in order to be able to move to the bonus screen for play.
2) The bonus feature slot that gives players free spins as a bonus are know as Bonus Spins.
3) The bonus that is based on the Wheel of Fortune game show – known as a Wheel of Fortune Bonus – has players spinning a wheel to determine which bonus prize they will be awarded.
4) With the Hold Reels Bonus, players have the option of locking in the reel of their choice on their first spin. Once they spin again, they will get the final results.
Bonus Feature Slots gives slot players a pretty good idea of what they can expect when they encounter bonus feature slot games. With Bonus Feature Slots, slot players no longer have to feel overwhelmed or beleaguered with slotting options.

Slot players will appreciate the services that Bonus Feature Slots provides. With the information this site places at the fingertips of players, there is no reason for any gaming confusion. Bonus Feature Slots provides players with the gaming direction that is sure to enhance their gaming entertainment. For these reasons and more, Bonus Feature Slots is a place that slot players need to visit first hand.